Another Redesign

I love to play with photoshop. And I love to design. Actually one of the alternate careers that I’m willing to pursue is graphics design! :p Anyways, let’s not get too technical. Of all the designs that I’ve used in the past for my blog, most of them have been created my me. I do use a predefined layout provided by blogger, but the header logos and backgrounds are created by me in photoshop. So I was bored yesterday and a blog redesign has been on my mind for a couple of days now.
The idea came from my favorite series of games, Final Fantasy. I’ve always loved their logos and wanted to create a logo in that same style. And so I made the logo for this blog. I’ve kept the little star icon which is now more like a symbol for the blog. And that’s an abstract heart behind the text, in case you’re wondering. Its made using special ink brushes from here. Background was taken from here and tweaked a little in photoshop. That’s for the credits.
I hope you like the new design.
Keep celebrating life! :)
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