Tech Tuesday: That little tripod in a pizza box

Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. Needn’t it be a computer-embeded battery-powered cool-looking gadget. Technology can be simple. And effective.
Today we’re not going to talk about gadgets, barcodes or mobile operating systems. Instead, we’ll focus on a three-legged plastic “table” that is simple as well as effective. Effective in keeping Pizzas from getting crushed! :p

Have you ever ordered a large pizza that came in a box? Chances are that you might have found a small plastic tripod at the center of the pizza. Ever wondered what it is for? Well, I have. And I couldn’t come up with an answer. When we asked the Domino’s staff, they said that the little thing keeps the centre of the pizza thick while baking. We couldn’t understand how, but at least we had an answer.
And not-surprisingly, that answer was incorrect. Shame on you Domino’s staff members for lying! :p
The little thing doesn’t have any official name that I know of. But, it was patented as a “package saver” and invented by a lady named Carmela Vitale in 1983. The package saver is placed in the middle of large pizza boxes to help support the lid of the box so that the pizza doesn’t get crushed by it. 
And why couldn’t I figure it out?! :p
So there you have it. A simple and effective piece of technology.
In case you’re feeling geeky, you can read the entire patent here.
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3 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: That little tripod in a pizza box

  1. KN.

    Hahaha. Needless to say, but this was one of the incredible most posts i've read so far! xDDo you know why there's this mole sorta dot on every 5number key of telephone?Kindly Google it and enlight us. :PNow i am gonna ask this Pizza table wala question to everyone!! :D


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